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UK Hallmarked & Handcrafted

For the manufacture of jewellery and silverware, precious metals are not used in their purest forms. Instead they are alloyed with other metals. It is not possible to discern by sight or by touch what the precious metal content of an alloy is.

Our customers can rest assured that all of our products come with a guarantee of the precious metal content through the 700-year-old practice of third party independent hallmarking.

The 1973 Hallmarking Act makes it unlawful to describe an item over a certain weight as gold, silver, platinum or palladium without an independently applied Hallmark.

  • All Silver articles weighing more than 7.78 grams must be hallmarked.
  • All Gold articles weighing more than 1 gram must be hallmarked.
  • All Platinum articles weighing more than 0.5 grams must be hallmarked.
  • All Palladium articles weighing more than 1 gram must be hallmarked.

Articles below these exemption weights may be described as Gold, Silver, Palladium or Platinum without the need for a hallmark.


Our skilled craftsmen have a passion for creating the most perfect diamond jewellery. The vast majority of our highly experienced team has worked with us for many years, bringing continuity, expertise and quality to our entire collection.

Quality Is Everything To Our Craftsmen

Our craftsmen attend to each piece of jewellery with great care and attention. Whilst each piece of jewellery, whether bespoke or not, is given a certain number of hours in our workshop production schedule, from design to final polishing, you'll often find our craftsmen adding finishing touches after the allotted time has passed by. This is the level of commitment that we require from all our people and one of the reasons why we are renowned in more than 70 countries around the world for our high-quality jewellery, as much as we are for our superb value.


With an obsessive attention to detail, and a passion for creating the most beautiful jewellery, our craftsmen are highly skilled, talented people.



Used only to finesse the original designs created by our talented designers, or in the case of a client design, our software helps visualise the final piece, prior to being produced.


As you'd expect from one the world's most loved diamond jewellerybrands, our state-of-the-art workshop is home to the latest facilities and equipment.


Our commitment to delivering the highest quality standards across our business, from customer service to crafting each piece of jewellery is second to none.