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We manufacture our diamond jewellery in-house (in our workshop in London), and sell our jewellery directly to the public. Buying something from a manufacturer essentially means you are cutting out the middle-man, and making substantial savings in the process. We can pass these savings on to you in the form of very low prices, whilst still providing exceptional quality and service. You will save up to 60% on any product you purchase from us. Every product displays a price (our price) and it's RRP (retail value). RRP is the price you could expect to pay in a high street shop for the same product.Learn more.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable buying high value diamond jewellery online. Sometimes you need to see the item in person to understand exactly what your money will get you. Despite our product and educational videos you may still not be able to get a clear idea of what it is you’re buying. Our London showroom is located in the heart of the jewellery district in Hatton Garden. Our showroom consultations are designed to give you advice on our products, as well as browse our available samples to help find the right product for you. To book a viewing or consultation, please click here.


3. How safe is my order in transit?

We use the leading global delivery companies, so we are pretty confident that your order will be safe. However, to manage any potential risk, we insure in the event of loss, damage and/or theft during shipment. You must insure your jewellery, if you return it. If you are returning an item of jewellery, it is your responsibility to insure the item during transit. Most delivery companies will be happy to provide a quote for next day, guaranteed delivery, and they will simply ask you how much the parcel is worth and what insurance value you require. We do not accept responsibility for losses occurred during transit for items returned to us.









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