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cut grade

Cut is the most important characteristic of a diamond as it determines a diamond’s brilliance, fire and overall sparkle. Diamond cut should not be confused with diamond shape. Diamond shape refers to the outward apperance of the diamond, while diamond cut refers to the diamond's light performance. A diamond's brilliance, fire and sparkle are greatly determined by how well the diamond is cut. In a well cut diamond with the right proportions, light enters through the top of the diamond, reflects from one side to the other and bounces back out of the diamond.



The highest grades of polish and symmetry allow it to reflect almost all light that enters the diamond and offers the most sparkle and fire.   


A diamond with Very Good cut reflects almost as much light that enters the diamond as an Ideal Cut diamond. The difference between the two is almost indistinguishable to the naked eye, therefore the Very Good cut offers great value for money.


A diamond with Good cut reflects most light that enters but not as much as a Very Good cut diamond. It is a more affordable option than a Very Good cut.


A Fair cut diamond is still a quality diamond but offers less brilliance and fire than a Good cut.


This diamond cut is generally a diamond that has been cut too shallow or too deep. A diamond with a Poor cut loses most of the light out the sides or bottom, and is much cheaper than other diamond cut grades.

If you are looking for the finest quality, Wonderfully Diamonds recommend an Ideal cut diamond. For best balance between quality and cost, choose a Very Good cut for your diamond ring. Wonderfully Diamonds only supplies diamonds with a cut grade of Very Good and above. 

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