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Clarity is a measure of inclusions or blemishes on the surface or inside the diamond. Inclusions may be tiny, natural imperfections that occur in all diamonds. The fewer inclusions the diamond has, the higher the clarity grade. Of the four Cs, clarity is generally considered to have the least impact on a diamond's appearance. Many of the imperfections are microscopic, and do not affect a diamond's beauty in any discernible way. 

Clarity Grade

clarity chart 


Flawless, Internally Flawless. Extremely rare. IF and FL are both flawless from the inside but IF diamonds contain surface inclusions.



Very Very Slightly Included. Very difficult to see inclusions under 10x magnification. An excellent clarity grade and is almost as rare as the IF clarity.


VS1, VS2

Very Slightly Included. Inclusions are not usually visible to the unaided eye, and difficult to spot under 10x magnification. An excellent clarity grade yet less expensive than the VVS grades.


SI1, SI2

Slightly Included. Inclusions are visible under 10x magnification and may be visible with the unaided eye. The SI grades offer great diamond value.


I1, I2, I2

Included. This grade of diamonds have inclusions that are visible with the unaided eye. Wonderfully Diamonds recommend choosing SI2clarity diamonds or above.


All Wonderfully Diamonds diamonds are clarity ‘SI2’ or above, which means these natural inclusions are completely invisible to the naked eye. Inclusions are naturally occurring in all but the finest diamonds. Wonderfully Diamonds suggest you select an “eye-clean” diamond, as diamonds of this clarity grade are less expensive than FL or IF diamonds. SI graded diamonds offer great value for money as their natural inclusions are not visible to the naked eye, and the loss of brilliance in comparison are barely noticeable. Speak to a Wonderfully Diamonds expert to review the diamond to ensure the imperfections are not visible to the unaided eye.