why we are obsessed with rose gold

From techie products to fine jewellery, rose gold is everyone favourite metal, but is this blushing metallic shade a trendy fad or a classic jewellery box staple? We explore the rise of rose gold and what makes it everyone’s favourite metal.

Rose gold has been around for centuries, although there are no known origins of rose gold it's well known early use was in the 19th century by Carl Fabergé of Russian Jewellery House Fabergé. Carl mixed copper and yellow gold to create something unique and special which he called "Russian Gold". Rose gold has also had its rise in popularity in the 1920s when the trend was to wear tri-coloured pieces of jewellery. Rose gold jumped into the modern spot light as early as the 2000s, with Cartier releasing its Tank Anglaise watch in rose gold. Only two were ever brought to the UK for sale as it was such an unusual colour for a watch. This trend would slowly trickle down to many other jewellers and craftsmen with rose gold becoming the favourite metallic shade for watches, hardware on handbags and clothes, homeware and technology.

rose gold emerald cut diamond ring

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So why does everyone love this blushing shade? Well for starters rose gold goes with every skin tone. Most people find they love a cool white gold or silver or a warm yellow gold. However, rose gold manages to suit everyone. It's hard not to love a colour that suits everyone.  It sits beautifully alongside all other metals giving more options to those that would only wear just silver or yellow gold.

Rose gold is an alloy metal of yellow gold, copper and a touch of silver. The copper is what gives rose gold it's pinky hue and depending on the mix of cooper you'll get different shade and strength of pink. Solid rose gold is as hardy as any other metal. It won't chip or scuff or need replating. Unlike white gold, which might need a little bit of maintanence, rose gold is perfect for an engagement ring as it can be worn everyday.

With its soft, subtle and feminine shade, rose gold gives this metal a romantic twist and a somewhat vintage appeal. As this metal shade has been so popular in such distinctive periods of history it will always be associated with retro trends. However this means that rose gold looks wonderfully in many different styles and as a setting for many different gemstones. Translucent stones such as smokey quartz, diamonds and morganite all look stunning set into rose gold as it complements the stones natural brilliance and facets.

Although rose gold makes it's reappearance throughout history it's cementing its position as a long term favourite. Pantone announced rose quartz as the colour of the year for 2016 and it's set to stay as our favourite for 2017 as well. With its versatile colour and hardiness rose gold is sure to stand the test of time.

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