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Buying an engagement ring is likely to be a new experience for most people and it will be completely different to any other purchase you've made such as a house or a car. There are a lot of questions you'll have and historic precedent for how it should be done. If your familiar with the 4 C's then you'll know a lot already, (check out our handy guide to buying a diamond if you're not),

How much should you really spend on an engagement ring?

They say there are four c's when buying a diamond; carat, colour, clarity and cut. However there is the 5th one which no one ever remembers to mention and that is cost. No one can really tell you the answer to this expect yourself. Keep an open mind when searching and think about what is the priority for you when choosing an engagement ring.

How many carats should I buy?

Carat is a big word when it comes to diamonds. Everyone assumes the bigger the better. This is quite a simple way to look at it but the cut and clarity will make a big difference to how the stones look just as much as the carat. In terms of how many carats you should buy this will be reflected in the budget you've got. Remember just because two diamonds are the same carat weight will not mean they are the same cost.

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Do I need to buy a diamond engagement ring?

When we talk about carat and clarity it's always assumed the stone will be a white diamond. It's the classic piece we always think of when we hear "engagement ring" but they will not be to everyone's taste. What makes diamonds so good for engagement rings is that they are very hard stones that will not get scratched with everyday wear. If you're considering a different stone, have a look at where this stone sits in the mohs hardiness scale. For a gemstone or precious stone ring that's going to be worn every day it's best not to pick anything below a 7 on the mohs scale.

How should I pick the design?

This is definitely the toughest part of buying an engagement ring as you may not be sure what style of ring your loved one will want. Carat, colour and clarity are all quantifiable features but the setting and colour of the ring band may not be obvious.

If you want to pop the question with the perfect ring then you'll need to do some research before. Our top tips are to have a look at the jewellery that your spouse already owns. It might not have been obvious before but does your spouse only wear one shade of metal? Someone who wears only silver or white gold will be less likely to choose a yellow gold engagement ring.

What size engagement ring should I buy?

This is surprisingly easy, keep an eye on which rings your partner wears on which fingers. If you're able to borrow one for a while a good jeweller will be able to guess the size from the information that you give them. We've got our ring size guide here to give you a helping hand.

Can I ask my spouse to help pick the ring?

Yes - It's 2017 and no longer are you expected to make a significant purchase without consulting your other half. It's romantic to drop playful hints and at the same time discuss styling and inspiration.

Still have more questions? Our friendly team at Wonderfully Diamonds are always happy to assist you to find the perfect engagement ring and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch.