The beautiful deep blue sapphire is the birthstone for September with its colours and variations have inspired humanity for hundreds of years. Sapphires can come in many colours including yellows and pinks but traditionally we always think of the iconic blue colour. It’s association with September dates to the Middle Ages when it was favoured by priests and kings.

Not only is this the perfect gift for a September baby but as sapphires are pretty hardy stones, registering at 9 on the mohs scale just under diamonds, it makes a perfect engagement ring as well. This gorgeous stone became a symbol of royal love when Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a 12-carat sapphire engagement ring.  

Prince William would later give this ring to Kate Middleton making it the most popular coloured stone engagement ring of the 21st century. 

As a birthstone, a sapphire is still associated with its ancient meanings of protection and wisdom especially when worn by those born in September. Legend has it that sapphires can protect the wearer from negative energy, promote mental clarity and bestow wisdom. No matter which cultures have treasured this stone there is always promise of rich meaning to those that surround themselves with sapphires.


The naturally blue colours come from the traces of titanium, iron, magnesium and copper present in the stone. It’s these variations in ores that give sapphires their variety in colours. Depending on where the sapphire is mined you’ll see variety if vibrant colours in this stone. Today many sapphires are mined in Australia as they are usually the true blue that sapphires are cherished for but sapphires from Sri Lanka have an almost pastel tone to them.  

Like rubies some sapphires come with a natural six-pointed star inside the stone. These are quite rare and called star sapphires. There are many famous star sapphires with the most notorious one known as the “Star of India”. This is one of the largest gemstones ever discovered in the world, let alone just the largest sapphire. It size is a whopping 563.35 carats and most unusually it has a sapphire star on each side. 

Regardless of whether you love the look of a sapphire ring or necklace a halo setting is the perfect way to complement this stone. It’s also one of the few gemstones that suits being cut in so many different shapes. Oval, round and square cuts are just as beautiful as each other as this stone lends itself to being cut with facets rather as a smooth cabochon cut. With sapphires celestial and ancient beliefs this exquisite birthstone is still worn today all over the world connecting modern lives to the old world.