There is no day more exciting or daunting than the day that you are going to propose to your significant other. Every person wants there moment to feel unique and personal with a guaranteed YES! 

We’ve rounded up our favourite proposal ideas to inspire you to create your perfect "marry me" moment.  

1. The Classic Dinner For Two

If your spouse is a real foodie lover than nothing is more romantic than a table for two at their favourite restaurant or a home cooked meal of their favourite dish. It’s a classic way to propose that you can do in public or somewhere a little more private. 

2. Destination Proposal 

Nothing is more romantic than popping the question when you are on holiday. Whether your spouse loves a city break or an adventurous holiday as you are away from routine and every day you’ll have real time to enjoy the yes after you’ve asked for their hand. If you’re flying don’t get excited at the airport and ask too early and make sure the ring doesn’t set of the security checks! 


3. Breakfast in Bed

Not everything has to be out with the crowds or even in a secluded public place. If your partner loves Sunday mornings in bed with breakfast then this is the perfect moment for your proposal. For a special breakfast write your proposal on the inside of their tea or coffee mug. The anticipation and excitement for you will be just as special to them.  

4. The Big Public Proposal 

If your other half loves going out and isn’t afraid of being surrounded by strangers and a big cheer then pop the question somewhere special with a captive audience. Make sure you get someone to capture the moment for you as your partner is going to want to share this special moment with the world.


 5. Book Lover

If your spouse has a favourite book then hiding the ring in a copy of the book is a wonderful way to surprise them. This could also be a notebook or scrap book that you’ve made with precious memories. If you really want to top the occasion take them to a library and slip the book on to the shelf before pointing it out to them.  

6. Techie Proposal

In the modern day there are so many ways to send a personal and unique message to your loved one. Recording a hidden message on their playlist or setting up a website declaring your love. After the proposal share the link to your message or website with your friends and family. 


7. Friends and Family 

If your loved one has is social and outgoing they are going to want to share this with friends and family as soon as possible. Instead of waiting to tell people about your engagement get them involved. Propose on the way to a night out or coming back to your place. You can have all your friends and family waiting for a celebratory drink. 

8. No Place Like Home 

If you love rainy days in together then there are lots of cute ways to make an at home proposal special. Get a custom jigsaw made with the words “marry me?” and when your partner finally susses it out it’s time to get down on one knee. You can also set this up really well with a game of scrabble and spell out your special message to your loved one. 


9. Playful Ring Box/Hidden Ring 

Surprises don’t always have to be big gestures and sometimes the most unexpected ring boxes for your engagement ring can be the perfect way to amaze your partner. Excellent hiding places for rings are kinder eggs, hidden inside a necklace or inside a box of chocolates. Don’t be surprised if it takes your partner a second to work out what the surprise is. 

10. Spell Out Your Proposal 

Nothing is quite as breath taking when you see the words “will you marry me?” somewhere completely unexpected. You can write this in the snow if you’re thinking of a winter proposal or on a beach on holiday. Sharing a photo of this message will always savour that special moment they said yes.